Hello everyone!

I am Pietro, I am 21 years old.

This is my really first post on a Blog and if a week ago someone told me that I would have spent some time writing on a pc about my hobbies and my life, I probably would have loughed a lot.

The first person who told me about this opportunity has been my Gf Sara; really thank you.

Since this summer my life has a new hobby: the analogic photography.

I discovered this world in a sunny and common day in August, when a friend of mine gave me an envelope of printed photos about his summer, shooted with an analogic fisheye.

Those picture were fascinating, they seem to belong to a different time; a non-time place.

The very next day I discovered my dad’s old analogic camera from mine storage room: a beauty “Nikon F90x”.

It is a very great camera, perfect for beginners and very easy to use; my dad was very exited seeing her back in action.

I read and studied the basics of analogic photography and I was ready to go!

I bought my first rolls from a chinese market in my town and I perfecly remember the difficult and the tension inserting them into the camera for the first time.

I was completely attracted from this.

After less than a month I already had my 2 “chinese” films completely done: developed and scanned.

These are some of my favourite shoots.

Tenno Lake








Sunshine in Trento


the magic of expired films


As you can see all these pictures have a kind of “pink-filter” but it is an effect caused by the expiry of that film.

I’ll talk more detailed about this maybe in an other post!

If you want let me know what you think about this film !

OK… here we are, nowadays, January 2017 with a lot of more films shooted.

My idea is to create a blog where to share, speak and discover the analogic photography and where talking about different photos, cameras, rolls and more!

Just explore the analogic world, the smell of the old cameras and of the old films. Treating all the technique that analogic photography requires.

For my first post I think that’s all.

Thanks for reading.

Bye 🙂


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